For those touched by cancer and chronic illness
including loved ones, caregivers & professionals
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“This group has been very transformative for me. It has helped me re-address some of the residual fear and anxiety regarding my cancer and survival.  There have been some difficult moments, but on the other side of them I have found parts of myself that I had left behind. I feel I am moving forward more whole. I recommend this work for anyone wanting to heal.”

“The depth of connection, love and healing within the group, through the sharing, compassion and love and the process of ‘Circles of Healing’ is profound.”

“It allowed a sacred space for me, a 54-year-old male, to open up, share my hurts and pain, and feel such love in return … such healing love.  I now have strong foundational tools to take with me, and memories of truly deep caring and support.”  Dennis

“I was surprised and deeply touched by my experience with Circles of Healing.  After 1 ½ years of attending various workshops (very expensive ones), I found myself right here in my own backyard.  Circles of Healing is far superior to anything I have attended before or since.  It helped me find peace and understanding on my journey with cancer.  The entire group was fully supported by Patty and Debbie’s compassionate and knowledgeable approach, and I look forward to attending more Circles in the future.”  Christina Oreck, Spring 2008 Circles of Healing retreat

“Those of us with a life-threatening illness need a safe place to explore our thoughts and feelings.  That is exactly what I found at The Circles of Healing.  No pressure, no confrontation.  I could move at the pace which felt right for me.  The result?  I was able to nurse feelings that had long been held inside.  In an atmosphere of love and gentleness, I found healing.”  Jennifer Reese, PhD.

“I have a better sense of how my daily priorities need to shift after hearing others describe some of the changes they have made after receiving a diagnosis.  I need more time for art and other things that bring me joy.